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they amazingly capable if lifted and with lockers , they even untouchable as they so light that they dont even sink where other big brothers 4wd sink down. so if properly modded they true beasts. again i allways seee one or more jimnys in russians offroad videos, and where mighty patrols sinking , jimny just passing on top like its nothing happens.
i mean they can look beasty too

but as small as they are , they are not cheap at least here where i live. thats reason why not so many them are here , very rare i see jimnys here.
and you cant have it as your only one car as its just too small for some needs no matter how you would look at it. so it should be as second car for fun kinda.

i can allready see that do same with noew 2018 models and how cool they will look as now they kinda more boxy and retro looks on them.

real testing

front window looks smaller no ? so its worse visibility , why ? see driver shoulder its same line as front window starts.
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