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Default I'm happy with the SH

I get discouraged when I go to 4X4 aftermarket shops and get told that they don't carry anything for Subarus because they aren't four wheel drives. People who drive truck style 4X4s are very prejudiced against anything else and I can see from the conversation here that this kind of approach to life seems to operate to some extent within the Subaru marque. Those who have one type of Subie seem largely ignorant of the features of other models and some are determined to pull them down. Maybe they are justifying their own choice of vehicle. I can see good things about all the styles in my club from the 35 year old Brumby to the latest model Foresters and Outbacks. The fact is none of this is relevant to me because I have what I have, I like it and I must make the best of it. I want to go off road so I recall my military 4X4 training. I must assess my skills and the capability of my vehicle and drive within its limits. If I need to go somewhere that is beyond the limits of my vehicle, I need to modify it (within the limits of the law) and if this is not possible or practical, change it for something that is designed to do the job or stay off the difficult tracks. I'm comfortable with this. By the way what is PM and how do I do it?
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