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Gidday Greg

Agree with Kevin, some terrific little trailers there .

My own CT is 'minimalist', but still tips the scales at 700 kgs, fully loaded. "Ball" weight is 40-50 kgs. The ball is actually a stainless steel pin ... the ball weight shouldn't be too light, as that can lift the rear of the car, causing very serious stability problems.

By their nature, off road and semi off road trailers have to be pretty sturdy. Geez, the hitch on mine must weigh 10-15 kgs. The tent and baseboard weigh about 100 kgs. Fuel and water add another 60+ kgs, and so on.

Better to be towing it than having it all in and on the car, IMHO. Hardly know mine is there when towing on road.

Agree about the weight aspect. People over at seem to like towing 2.5-3.5 tonne monsters!
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