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Originally Posted by Venom View Post
Towed a Forester out of Big Desert (won't discuss here) and couldn't believe how easily it was done. That was deep sand and dunes. Crawled below 1500rpm for most of it, trickiest part was maintaining tow rope tension of course and not an issue for a trailer. Eye opening for me personally.
That's a bugger . What went wrong? Will you be recounting the details in a trip report sometime?

It is amazing how much easier it is to tow something on its own wheels rather than carry it on one's back ...

Nowhere near trailer territory myself as a single bloke but for a future brood I wouldn't hesitate. A little offroad one though not one of those 800kg things.
A 6' x 4' box trailer and tent to fit would be my choice. But I had the 7' x 4' trailer already ... Being bigger has made fitting the tent I bought more difficult than it would otherwise have been.

It takes me about 3-4 minutes to set my trailer tent up, and very easy for one (old, weak and feeble) person to do. A bit longer to set up the annexe. A bit longer again to set up the annexe walls and floors, or part thereof.

Packing away is similarly easy and relatively quick for one person.

Both processes are quicker and easier than setting up/packing up a small and light tent (for me, anyway) I originally bought the Crusader tent to replace my Primus (Terka) tent that I could no longer erect or pack!

All up weight of the trailer with tent, fuel, water, tools, recovery gear, etc is about 500 kgs. Roo2 doesn't even notice it being there. With your H6, this would make even less difference.
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