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Hey guys,

Just wanted to give an update on this issue.

After still not hearing a word of response from SUMO, I re-texted Joe today around 9:45 this morning as I was clocking in to work. I didn't receive word from him until about 11:00 PM, at which point I received a text saying simply:

"This order is still at powdercoat. I am putting pressure on the coater in an effort to get them done."
I feel so conflicted about this whole process. I really appreciate the service the SUMO guys are offering and I want nothing more than to support a small American business. On the other hand, it took over a week to receive ANY correspondence from Joe or anyone associated with SUMO on a simple part inquiry. I know that at least someone saw my messages, because the Facebook message I sent (5 days ago) flipped almost immediately to "seen." I understand that a growing business can be a handful, but from what I have been able to find through the online forums, this kind of poor communication has been a problem for at least several years now. If Joe can't have these parts made up and ready to ship, it would at least be cool to have some better feedback channels when orders go long, or throw a few bucks at a secretary.

I know these aren't "need to have" parts, per se, but I paid almost $500 for the set and even more than that for new tires and control arms (which all came within a week) and I am already taking the Foz on a trip that I won't be able to romp around on because of the delay. Again, not horribly put-out, but I guess just disappointed. Sorry if this all seems very first-world whiny, I just needed to vent. For the record, I am sure when the parts DO arrive, they will still be perfectly awesome and ready to go. I just think some more communication would go a long way to ease the waiting process.
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