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Originally Posted by Ratbag View Post
G'day again Guzzla

When you have it serviced next, make sure that you specify what oil, what viscosity and what brand you want in it to the people doing the service. Ross knows what I require, and does it. It's written in his service records for both cars.

I always check the oil the next morning after servicing.
So do I - in fact I've sometimes lifted the bonnet in the service car park and checked before driving home. But this last time I don't remember doing it and think it might have been because I was in a different routine by having it serviced at a different place and talking to the mechanic about replacing the springs and struts.

I think I will just go and buy my own oil from Repco here in Toowoomba and get the usual 10% RACQ membership discount and maybe an extra discount if one of my ex students serves me. My handbook says the same as yours about the viscosities but I've always left it at the 5w-30 that I'm certain Wippells has been using because it has always caused no concern with using any oil. It will never be driven at -20C or even below -7C but it will be driven above 40C+. Just before New Year it was 46.5C on a return trip to Goondiwindi but that was in the Golf. btw I watched the oil temp readout in it indicate 108C in those conditions where it would normally indicate around 99C in temperatures around the low 30's and 95C when it is in the mid teens like now.
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