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thing I would reconmend to take while going bush or beach

x1 long handle shovel(1 with a telescopic handle are easy to pack)
x4 rated bow shakels(3.4t - 4.5t breaking load is best)
x2 snatch straps(in case one breaks)
x1 tool box with as many tool as you can carry without being too heavy
x2 1st aid kits
x1 vehcle fire extinguisher
warm clothing
sleeping bag(incase you get stuck over night)
enough food for 24 hours(if out with family take enough food)
plenty of water
camp chairs
uhf hand helds in case 1 in vehicle in inoperable due too failed elctrics of vehicle
a few good quality wind up torches(much better than a battery operated 1)

& most important 2 or 3 like minded friends in their own 4wd/awd
this way you can share the above items between the 2 or 3 vehicles.

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