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This is a very old thread but worth reviving IMHO as a lot of folks get conflicting advice on how to take care of the new clear coat paints.
First wash it properly with car soap not dishwashing liquids!!! and keep the car out of the sun and than wax the vehicle with a high quality carnauba PASTE wax. The liquid stuff is faster but not as good IMHO.
I use either Meguiars or Mothers wash/wax system, both are very good. The new waxes have UV inhibitors built in to keep the clearcoat protected. Wax does several things, it keeps the clearcoat from picking up and holding dirt, it protects agains UV, it keeps the clearcoat from drying out and becoming brittle over time. The clearcoat has replaced paint over the years as the color coat underneath the clear layer is very thin and easily damaged. It is important to keep the clearcoat as clean a possible and use clearcoat specific products!!
The days that you had to wait for the paint to 'harden' are over as the new 'paints' are baked on the cars.
Also do remove birdcr^p off your car ASAP as it contains an acid capable of eating through your clearcoat waxed or not....
I wax my vehicles at least every two months as I live in a harsh climate or cars. Some say that is too much, but my 10 year old Chevy Avalanche looked brand new and when I traded it in for my Subaru, I had a hard time convincing the used car manager that it was the original paint.
Hope this helps a bit.
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