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well you must know what you need from car. i knew from start and i knew what i will loose to it as well so never regreted nothing i did to car. you must know where you will put car and what you need to be safe there and get back home from there. thats when you start your list on paper or in head . i remember i had 4 passengers in car , so full car , adults not kids. and some bags in trunk as well. and i took car to some forest path i was driving alone with empty car, so i thought will i perform worse there or maybe better. its was ok , car sit little lower but it was enough clearance still.
point is you need to know those things before you go somewhere. lift ,tires, skids and recovery gear is main thing for any light or more hard trips you need to have.
even before buying car you need to learn what it could do and what you could do to it, how much is better or worse then other models and such things. i chose what i needed thats why outback and not forester.
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