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Originally Posted by gregjet View Post
Front is 3 bolt mount. 134mm between all bolt centres and the shock top nut appears ( unusually) to be in the centre. ie the bolt TRIANGLE has 134mm SIDES.
Rear: 2 bolts. 130mm between centres and the shock mount is offset 67/63.
Does that help?
Yep sure does help. It confirms XV is the same as SH/SJ, I was pretty sure it was, just needed confirmation

Let me know which and I will PM you to buy. Do I need any other spacers or adjuster/ compensators for steering geometries. Let me know about them as well.
Yes, to keep the rear geometry the same you need the 1" subframe kit. I've PMd you the details.

Originally Posted by Tweaksta View Post

So with my rear at 2-3" above factory then I'd benefit from the 1" trailing arm blocks (which are also called Moustache bars - is that correct?)?

Are the Moustache bar 'supports' designed for the rear or front?
With 1" spacers & raised springs, you need 2" rear trailing arm spacers to keep the wheel centred. The trailing arms are the long arms running along the side from the body to the front of the hub with a triangular shaped bracket. The moustache bar is the nickname for the diff outrigger or diff front crossmember, this is only touched with a full body lift kit. Not needed in your case

It looks like this design won't have the stress/fatiguing that caused the Dulagarl H6 Forester bolts from ripping out. Very nice.
His problem was caused by hitting a deep rut at speed, mine would have spread the load more but even stock with no lift the bracket might still have ripped out. He's since had his repaired to be very strong
1" & 2" lift kits; custom lift kits; all models
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