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Originally Posted by rpo83 View Post
I'm comfy staying in a small tent, but i don't tend to stay in an area for more than a night or two, i was lucky enough to take time off work in 2011 and ride a motorbike around Australia, camping in some of the best locations in this country has to offer. I wrote a blog as i went as i'm useless at diary writing, the blog kept my family up to date on my travels and forced me to document my trip...... here is my blog

We have been considering all sorts of camping options, it looks like it will probably end up being a hard floor camper trailer, although it will restrict some travel routes, it will allow us to set up a good base camp and have some comfort. Many years ago i drove semi's interstate, so the trailer wont be an issue.... But it's good to hear that roo2 tows well, i'm yet to tow anything with the forester.

Oh to keep this thread on topic, her is a pic...

Camping on the edge of Bryce's Gorge...

DP1S SDIM1007 by rpo83, on Flickr


Obviously you don't sleep walk.

I envy people who have got out there and seen our countryside.
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