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That's what I asked them to do. I figured you cut the wires (2) that come from the black box...junction box?? .... and then go into the controller . I thought that then you would cut the wire that is connected to the wires that come OUT of the controller, put connectors on all ends ( they are sending me 4 RED Anderson connectors ( I figure I need 6) then I could connect the wires direct from the junction box to a long lead that would be going to the battery therefore the controller is not in the loop. When I wanted to use the controller I would plug the wire from the junction box back into the input on the controller and the wires that come out of the controller back onto the lead that goes to the battery and the loop is complete again.
I don't see any other logical way it would work but I couldn't make heads or tails of what he was telling me to do.
I do have 2 nephews who are electricians and I will be seeing one this Sunday so should be able to figure it out.
If i have not figured it by the time i get back home on Monday week i will grab the camera and post some pics.
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