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iv heard one guy from australia with this gen outback with lift and without both sway bars driving ok everywhere. i think hes just having stock shocks. some people say it can be s cary some ppl say its ok so its hard to know what they mean for real. i never drive more then 120-130km/h my tires doesnt like that speed they rly becoming loud so i not do it . and i never need that just couple times when i go on highways and thats rare most in summer drive to sea place . im not using highways other times i like more slow but more twisty interesting roads where you have some things to see not just drive straight for hrs . so most times what i do its 90-95 km/h between citys and of course 50-55km in citys.
i tested allready some cornering at 40-50km/h , braking and such stuff and i dont see much difference. same as with rear sway bar removing i found its better driving car for me . maybe more leaning on corners but thats fine.
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