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Rally 4th November 2017 09:40 PM

Solar and Chargers
My most recent trip highlighted that my ctek has died. Most likely caused by being submerged. Itís pretty disappointing that these off road products fail like this, but as Ned once said, such is life. It is rated IP 65 which doesnít cover being submerged. I have found an Australian made one which is IP 67 rated, and that does cover being submerged for a short time, around 30 minutes. It also includes a display that gives voltage on both cranking and service batteries.

However, they donít like the current set up I have for my solar panel. My existing panel is rated at 32v and 250w, requiring a step down to around 20v. So I am ditching that solar panel and getting another 250w unit but around 25v, so no step down required. For $250 delivered, with regulator, itís not a bad buy.

Kevin 5th November 2017 02:11 AM

That's a shame it failed! My CTEK 250S is in the Triton, high up in the canopy so the whole car would pretty much have to be under water before it got to the CTEK - just as well by the sounds of it!

Seems a good deal on the new panel; what's its weight?

Rally 5th November 2017 04:05 AM

18kg. I am looking at this charger.

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