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Pecky 9th November 2012 09:40 AM

Paper Towel Holder
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Paper Towel Holder

Parts required
Coat hanger wire approx 200 mm long
4 mm nail or screw
3mm elastic cord

1. Firstly at in the middle of the wire bend a full 360 degree loop around the nail.

2. Then about 20mm from the loop on the short end of the wire put a 180 degree bend on the opposite side to the loop. Trim to a length of about 15mm and smooth end.

3. Measure about 50mm from the loop and put a 180 degree bend on the same side as the loop. Trim to a length of about 15mm and smooth end.

4. Straighten ends and loop so they are all in alignment.

5. About 15mm from long end bend at 90 degrees to the loop.

Pecky 9th November 2012 09:42 AM

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6. Repeat steps 1 to 4 and at step 5 make the bend 90 degrees in the opposite direction so you have one left hand and one right hand.

7. Place 3mm elastic cord through loops and tie a knot at each end. The length will be dependant on what you want to hold.

8. To mount it; hook the short end over the plastic trim adjacent to a window. I have a paper towel roll permanently mounted on the tailgate and another that I use on trips to carry extra paper towel and toilet roll mounted on one of the rear side windows.

To increase the tension as the paper towel gets used up by pulling one end through the open hook so the knot is held by the hook and then the other.

Kevin 9th November 2012 07:48 PM

Very clever!

stilson 9th November 2012 09:03 PM

Thanks, this a neat little mod.

Ratbag 9th November 2012 10:48 PM

Very creative and useful, Pecky.
Nice write up for the instructions too ... :biggrin:.

mr turbo 10th November 2012 01:52 AM

What a great mod, very handy for when out & about on the road :)

Mr Turbo

Scooby2 10th November 2012 03:06 AM

Well I think... this should go on the Inventors.. but you should re-name it.... the All Important Roll Holder. Great job Pecky!

carljwnc 10th November 2012 06:43 AM

Most excellent idea Pecky!!!:cool:

Might have to give this one a go.:ebiggrin:

Great write up too, thanks.

lefty 11th November 2012 12:20 AM

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good idea, a lot more elegant than my version which I have been rocking for a while. Just a length of electrical wire, cut pvc pipe and a peg. The peg is important otherwise the paper roll unravels when you roll down a window :ebiggrin:

taza 11th November 2012 06:50 AM

^ Nice, that looks great. What an awesome idea!

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