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Ratbag 4th September 2014 07:09 AM

Inserting a link to a particular post in a thread
Gidday Folks

Basically, inserting a link to a particular post in a thread is not hard, it's just not all that obvious how to do it. Here's how:

Go to the post you want to reference in another browser window or tab;

Right click on the post number in the upper right corner of the post frame;

Left click on "Copy Link Address" (exact wording depends on your browser);

Return to your browser window/tab where you are writing your post;

Highlight the text that you want to have the link attached to;

Click on the "Insert link" icon (Earth with chain link through the bottom of it) at the top of the editor window;

In the dialog box that comes up, press CTRL+V simultaneously to insert the link address you have previously copied to your computer's clipboard.

After doing this, preview your post and check that the link works by right clicking on it in the preview window and selecting "Open in new window".

When another person does this, the individual post will be displayed. They will also have the option to return to the referenced thread in its entirety, and the thread will automatically open at the referenced post, so they can then read from there onwards.

If you want to reference a particular sequence of posts in a long thread, you can easily add something like "read this post and the next 11 posts after it", or some such.

havachat 4th September 2014 09:46 AM

Giddy RB do you how to do it from an iPad?
Cheers mate

Ratbag 4th September 2014 09:17 PM

Gidday HC

A better question might be "How does one do anything from an iPad?" ... :poke: :lol:.

Sorry mate, I am not a big fan of Apple products for a whole lot of reasons, both technical and ethical ... I have only ever worked on them for friends, and even then only after an Apple service centre couldn't help them!

I trust Google more than I trust Apple, and I don't trust Google at all :(.

havachat 5th September 2014 12:23 AM

I have never been an Apple person and love my old laptop. In defence of Apple I won an ipod in a raffle 6 years ago. The first thing I have ever won that is useful and it still works :raz:

As you know the only reason I have an iphone is that work issues them otherwise I would just have a phone. I bought the ipad to download newspapers on and for no other reason, however it is useful to check posts and emails but dealing with attachments, links etc you can't go past a Windows based laptop.

Ratbag 5th September 2014 12:41 AM

Mate, It's hard to go past that sort of price ... :poke: :biggrin:.

One of my biggest practical problems with Apple devices is that they cannot write to NTFS formatted volumes. Since NTFS is just about the only file system that's relatively indestructible, that's a huge impediment IMNSHO.

The much-vaunted user-friendliness is only a feature if one is used to Apples, and nothing else! It might have had some genuine cred back prior to MS releasing the original version of Windows. After the release of Windows NT v3.10, that lost any credibility it might have had. BTW, neither Apple nor MS invented the GUI - Xerox PARC did, long before either of the other two companies even existed ...

There are a number of things that one just cannot 'get at' with Apples, even if one really needs to get at them. If all else fails with Windows, there is always the registry hack ... Mind you, this is what the MS Fix-it system does for you automatically! There is still a need to understand what one is doing, or seeking to achieve, but at least one is not locked out of it completely!

BTW, sorry I can't help you ... :cry:.

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