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temmah 27th May 2018 04:07 AM

Vanuatu Subaru
Spent 5 days in Vanuatu for a holiday with my family. Very nice place. Enjoyed it a lot. Lots of water sports and fishing to do. Spent a lot of early mornings fishing from kayaks.

They must love their Land cruisers. every third car was a Land cruiser ute. I was on the look out for Foresters seeming that a lot of the roads are dirt. But didn't see one. Until the very last day when I walkout out of a hardware store that i thought i check out in some spare time. Walked out and saw 3 Foresters in the car park.

Good to see there are a few Subaru's going around in Vanuatu.

Beachworm 31st July 2018 09:43 PM


Originally Posted by temmah (Post 101427)
They must love their Land cruisers. every third car was a Land cruiser ute.

I'm guessing you were on Efate as I doubt you would have seen anything other than Landcruiser or Hilux utes on the other islands. I spent some time hiking on Santo (Espiritu Santo) some years ago and apart from trucks and earthmoving equipment, Landcruiser and Hilux utes were used for everything. Even the taxis are utes and passengers ride in the back sitting on the luggage.

I love my Forester but I doubt it would survive the roads (or the lack of them) on Santo. I remember one trip up the bed of the Jordan River in the back of a Hilux ute over boulders as big as your head. It's not Forester territory.:)

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