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idw 13th November 2013 06:47 PM

Archery/bow hunting/ bow building
Anyone else into archery here at all? I'm mainly into field archery been to a couple of ABA amateur shoots, but i'm looking at trying the indoor or ifaa round next year.

I've also been making some self bows, and started cutting my own staves this year. Just gotta keep convincing people the drying wood isn't fire wood :lol:

Anyone else shoot at all? don't worry the barrel types fine too

PigSti 13th November 2013 08:14 PM

The only hunting I do these days is for my glasses :lol: and with a handheld GPS.

idw 15th November 2013 02:37 AM

haha, I'm mostly a target shooter, unless the rabbits get to close to the house.

Bigfoot 27th March 2017 12:46 AM

Old thread I know, but my wife and I both dabble in target shooting.
Recurve only.
We each have 2 bows:
-My target bow: SF riser and SF carbon/wood limbs, 70" bow, ~32" draw length, about 55# off the fingers. Basic sight and stick on rest
-My horse bow: Mongolian type bow, up to 33" draw, ~55# @ 28", closer to 70# off the fingers.
-Her Target bow: Cartel riser, SF limbs, no sights, stick on rest.
-Her horse bow: 35# similar style to mine.

We mostly just shoot at home on my homemade target. Used to go to the local outdoor park with 21 targets in the bush, but it closed.
Occasional trip to the local indoor range, 18m distance.

Life is very busy now though so we rarely shoot.

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