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legacytt 5th August 2014 10:27 PM

Lifted Gen 1 GT Legacy
G'day All, just joined the site and have been modding Subarus for many years.
I have had this car for nearly 2 years. Purchased with a blown engine and rough paintwork but otherwise original it was a bargain for $1000. I drove it standard for a while but in August 2012 I added the lift etc to make it more practical. It has recently undergone a Gearbox swap to dual range with 1.44:1 reduction from a Forester. Added to this was a DCCD rear housing and associated electronics to lock up the centre. I believe this makes for the most versatile Subaru gearbox. Currently has 16 inch forester rims, Outback struts with raised King springs etc so is very versatile off road while still being civilised on road.

A Centre console from an Auto model with the Auto Manual switch removed allows the DCCD dial to be fitted in a factory looking location.

Modified L series rear tyre carrier with Outback towbar fitted behind bumper skin allows for high mount of tow bar tongue.

Engine Bay. Std apart from external coils, resonator delete and VF28 sti turbo. Exhaust is 3 inch straight through.

Front on, Subaextreme bar thanks to Subaman. One of only 4 made apparently.

As the paintwork is very rough I plan to re shell this soon into an immaculate silver shell I picked up for $250. This will also sort the cracked windscreen and faulty rear defrost. At the same time I also have a perfect dark grey shell and a written off RS Turbo that will be merged so I have one low and one high for all occasions. I really like these early liberties, much more so than the newer ones.
The setup is working very well, most recently towing a loaded tandem trailer full of firewood out of the bush at home. Next step is to replace the tyres with a new set of BFG at's.

Ratbag 5th August 2014 11:18 PM

Looks good, LTT :biggrin:.

And a warm :welcome: to the ORS forum, mate.

MiddleAgeSubie 5th August 2014 11:29 PM

:welcome: Awesome, your car sure looks trail-ready!

taza 6th August 2014 07:55 AM

Welcome mate!
Known you fom Ausubaru. .. asked for some pics of you wheel carrier from youe gen 3 outback H6 that was running the same gear.

How does the ej207 compare to the 3.0l?

legacytt 6th August 2014 07:40 PM

Gt Legacy
I prefer the turbo motor to the H6, has more power and the option to up that power easily. H6 is nice and smooth but I will stick with turbo's now.

duncanm 7th September 2014 08:34 AM

love what you've done here.

I've almost arrived at the same point, but from the opposite direction; just completing a '99 JDM TT engine into Gen3 (A-C) Outback swap.

I kept the std manual dual range box and am running standard height, as I don't do anything too serious off road. Am thinking of picking up a second set of wheels with more serious tyres for when I do.

The TT torque above 2k is some kind of awesome.

Swap was pretty straightforward - details here

taza 7th September 2014 08:03 PM

Ooo nice Duncanm... my mate has a jdm gd wrx swap into a gen 3 outback... goes pretty hard on and off road :P

NachaLuva 8th September 2014 09:02 AM

Both very nice! :lildevil:

legacytt, nice to see another offroad gearbox. DCCD, 1.447:1 LR both big improvements. What front diff does it have?

Subilolo 25th June 2017 09:45 PM

Very nice build mate
Any chance I can get a build thread on the suspension lol

legacytt 30th June 2017 07:23 AM

Suspension is using KYB struts from a Gen 2 Outback along with HD king springs. Lift kit is 3 inch all round. Car still going well, about to fit a snorkel after a very close call through deep water recently.

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