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scalman 6th December 2017 06:13 AM

Outback '01 2.5 4eat VDC project
So couple years ago i bought myself my first subaru ever and after long time thinking took outback against forester. Didint had budget for newer one so went for some 2nd gen that i found

Top original, lower 2"" lift with BFG TA KO2 215/65 R16
It was 2001 subaru outback 2.5 4eat eith rear LSD and early VDC package. All weather with heated seats, windows, climate control.
It has rear self leveling shocks still ok condition so i left them just put 2" spacer on top. Not sure is it made car harder and less comfy but it can take load very well. But its not soft car to drive fast on bad roads
Then i cut front bumper and put steel skid plate just for engine. Diy it myself from steel sheet from scrapyard

Ben Up North 6th December 2017 07:04 AM

Have you got trailing arm spacers? Rear tyres look a little close to the guard in a couple of those pictures

scalman 6th December 2017 07:40 AM


Originally Posted by Ben Up North (Post 98489)
Have you got trailing arm spacers? Rear tyres look a little close to the guard in a couple of those pictures

.no i dont have and i know what you mean. You mean as those

I just put strut spacers. And without camber in front.
You think those rear shocks geting too much load on side maybe?
I mean wheels are just little more to front but they not even close to touch anything
Thats better angle
Yes i can see that they not in center. Is that making some problem to shocks? If so i would put spacers there too.
In flexing they pretty much stays in their places too

And i have rear sway bar disconnected if thats gives something to the picture

scalman 6th December 2017 07:57 AM

Thing that i dont like is how much wheels went inside car because of lift.front mostly. Best seen in top right pic. Its good for muding as mud dont fly all over car but from some angles car looks kinda ugly. Nothing that wheel spacers couldnt fix i guess. Still im waiting for that as i like go into mud

My trunk with LPG and custom made subwoofer on side

Custom diy subwoofer box

My custom UEL headers skid plate and rear muffler Remus. Itsbjust little too long sticks out off bumper 8cm

My custom UEL headers.comparrison top left what you can buy, low right mine, others 2 made by others. I can see maybe my angles too hard. Could remake it someday

My most rusted places and what i did to that
Now i can lift car there . before i couldnt.

More in rear

Fender rust. Did same on both sides

scalman 6th December 2017 09:45 AM

Anyone have sugestions or thoughts for me i would gladly listen . just wanna make car as capable as possibly, still carry original look nothing too much hardcore but more better on road and off .
As much as i can i like to do things diy and make something from something if possible.

scalman 7th December 2017 05:16 AM

LTablet holder on cup holder. Its best idea as i can move it forward backward and then up down and to sides to makr any angle i would need. And its strong enough to hold 10' tablet

Osram night braker laser

Highest spot on Austria Alps

Led lighting in trunk. Its so bright its lights some area outside car even

Modifying plug tool so it turn full circle
Its not so bad to change spark plugs on those engines

New rear brake discs

UEL custom headers for some that subaru rumble

Thats how much i need lift rear so wheel comes loose with rear sway bar disconnected

scalman 10th December 2017 04:45 PM

short lights vs high . shorts are Osram Night Braker Laser H7
in time will add some extra LED lights there for going in really dark places those alone are not enough. maybe light bar or two small led bars on sides.

reverse lights are not good, but its still better then my led bulbs that i payed 10 euros for one. that i put in front DRL so i left default bulbs there for now. thinking whats cheaper add more powerfull bulbs in same places or add some extra led lights there. those can be pretty cheap.

DRL with LED bulbs im pretty happy with . even they alone gives some light on sides which adds some more light with all lights used . and trunk LED light that lights even some outside space pretty good. but im thinking add another one maybe on door itself so when i open door that light would light up larger area around it too. those where pretty cheap 3 euro for 2 lights.

scalman 11th December 2017 02:14 PM

cut the bumper process was simple and same time was cleaning rust and painted some antirust 3in1 paint on those places under bumper was good

so i cut it in that place for reason that bumper wont get in the way anymore. now that radiator frame part is lowest there. so it need to be covered , maybe even strenghtened with extra metal which i might still do later. not that im hitting anything that hard but you never know

so now i dont need to worry about fron bumper anymore. even if it would hit it its so small now that it wouldnt brake or crack or anything it would just bend some and thats it. front of car is now safe. going in to deep sand or some holes i dont need to worry that ohh something might happen to my front bumper. not anymore.

scalman 13th December 2017 12:09 PM

some mudding in forest up hill and down. VDC On . tire presure about 2,15 bar / 31 psi on all . sometimes felt as VDC cuts power then search for grip then when founds grip gives me full power again. its interesting experience. and it just goes forward. didnt had problems there with VDC.

scalman 22nd December 2017 01:15 AM

At last some more snowing. For me snow its best time for subaru and driving it .if i see its snowing at day if its all day i will go outside city to try it late evening or evrn night. Its just something that any other car gives you in snow that subaru gives.
But i would like more snow for more fun. Shame that looks like its melting now allready .wet snow its not so fun and more dangerous.

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