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Forum Rules

Welcome to!

We look forward to your participation in our online community. To ensure that this board remains both enjoyable and informational, we’re asking all of our members to adhere to the following set of rules and guidelines. These rules may be amended at any time; please review this page periodically.

A formal point-based warning/infraction system is used to remind members of, or enforce the rules as needed, although in some cases it may be necessary for Administrators or Moderators to take action based on their judgment and not on any particular rule herein. As such, the Administrators and Moderators of this forum reserve the right to move, modify, delete or merge posts as needed, and Administrators can revoke posting privileges at their discretion and without explanation or prior warning.

If you come across a post that you feel is inappropriate, please use the "Report Post" function to notify forum staff.

The Ground Rules:

1. Treat other members (this includes Administrators, Moderators, and Vendors) with the same respect you wish to receive, even if you disagree with them. Expressions of intolerance or hatred are unacceptable behavior, as is stalking or harassment.

2. Each member is allowed ONE user account, unless they have a separate identity as a Supporting Vendor. Additional user accounts and/or misrepresentation for the purpose of deception or conflict avoidance are not tolerated and will result in a ban.

3. Prohibited inappropriate content includes (but is not limited to) threads, posts, usernames, avatars, signatures, images, or links containing profanity, nudity, sexually or otherwise graphic material, offensive language, etc. Language filters are in place for a reason, please respect them and exercise common sense when posting.

4. Commercial solicitation or advertising by anyone except our Supporting Vendors is not permitted in the forums, via PM, or through avatars or signatures. This member base is not a source to be mined for sales or donations by individuals, groups, or businesses – for profit or non-profit - without prior approval by an Administrator.

5. We do not allow the distribution of copyrighted material, such as links to illegal download sites for service manuals, music, pirated software, etc.

6. Requests or solicitations for Carfax reports in the forums or via PM are not permitted and will be removed, as they violate Carfax's Terms of Service.

7. Posting spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, junk mail, or URLs for outside sites that have the potential for harming anyone’s computer is prohibited.

8. Illegal activity such as street racing is neither condoned nor tolerated, and any content pertaining to such will be removed.

9. Do not post personal or any other information that you do not want made public. Likewise, respect the privacy of your fellow members and extend the same courtesy to their information.

10. Anyone who engages in a monetary transaction with another member of this forum does so at their own risk. For your own protection, deal only with those members who have established a good reputation, or someone who has been recommended by other members whom you trust.

11. Please keep in mind that other members may claim expertise or status that they do not, in fact, possess, and use discretion in following their advice.

General Posting Guidelines:

1. Please check the 'Stickies' in each forum and/or use the search function before posting - chances are, your question has been answered before and you won't have to wait for someone to reply with the information you’re seeking.

2. Post new threads in the correct forum category; each category on the main forum index page includes a brief description of what belongs there. Threads posted in the wrong forum will be moved to facilitate searching/retrieval of that information.

3. Whenever possible, post a reply to an existing thread vs. starting a new one. Like threads may be merged without notice.

4. Do not crosspost, i.e. post the same thread or post in more than one forum. Choose the most appropriate forum for your topic and post it only once. Duplicates will be merged or deleted.

5. Assign a meaningful title when posting a new thread so that the subject is obvious. No language-filtered profanity or special characters in thread titles, please.

6. Please refrain from posting in all-caps, or all-bold font; this is equivalent to yelling and can be considered rude.

7. Please stay on topic and do not “hijack” threads. The subject of a thread is determined by the original poster. Interrupting/derailing a discussion with off-topic remarks is rude and makes it difficult to find posts that are pertinent to the thread topic. Hijack posts may be removed.

8. Political, religious, climate change or similar topics with high potential for controversy are off-limits. If you are not certain whether a specific topic you wish to post is appropriate, please check with a staff member first.

Advertising/Vending Rules

Our Supporting Vendors pay a fee to help support the forum, which gives them the exclusive right to promote their business to our membership base, and we ask our members to respect that. To avoid problems, please observe the following guidelines:

1. Business info of ANY kind (including links to your website, ads, or auctions) in posts, signatures, or avatars is not permitted EXCEPT for our Supporting Vendors.

2. Do not discuss, answer questions about, promote, or advertise your products, projects, services, or pricing UNLESS you have obtained Supporting Vendor status.

3.Group Buys will need approval by the ORS staff. Feel free to start threads gauging interest in your group buys. But please get approval before making it official.

4. If a member makes multiple posts/threads about the same non-supporting vendor it will appear that he/she is associated with, or advertising for, that vendor and he/she will be cautioned. The line is thin and we will use our judgment as to when that line is being crossed.

To learn more about becoming a Supporting Vendor, please click the "Contact Us" link.

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